Pond Specialist Paul Des Roches

Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 365-6555

Las Vegas Pond Cleaning
Las Vegas Pond Care
Las Vegas Pond Maintenance

Pond Cleaning

Pond cleaning is done at the rate of $85 per hour with a $200 minimum.

A free consultation appointment will precede the cleaning services to determine the best approach for the job.

Pond Maintenance

Paul Des Roches maintains ponds throughout the city of Las Vegas in new-like condition through monthly maintenance services. Yearly clean-outs are not necessary since the ponds are kept clean year-round. Each customer is on a month-to-month basis without any formal contract or commitment required. If an ecosystem is out of balance, or if a pond design flaw limits the effectiveness of the ecosystem, corrections will be suggested.

Shade, oxygenated water, flow, naturally occurring aerobic bacteria colonies, and plant life additions are the cures for most ponds' problems. Sometimes adjusting feeding habits or decreasing fish load is all that is required. Chemicals are never added to adjust an out-of-balance pond (a pond without clear, fresh smelling water is out of ecosystem balance). Patience and realistic expectations are required for true pond success.